Keeping Safe





Safer NeighbourhoodKeeping Safe and Safe Places




There are different kinds of abuse

Click here to see the different types of abuse

Click here to see the leaflet What is adult abuse?

Click here to see Dudley Council’s guide to keeping safe


Dial 999

You don’t have to put up with abuse

You should tell someone so they can help you

If it is an emergency, call the police

Telephone 999



If it is not an emergency contact: Access to Adults Social Care between 9am to 5pm: 0300 555 0055

Or for out of hours emergency duty team:  0300 555 8574







SafeguardingSafeguarding in Dudley

Dudley has a website about safeguarding, you can fill in the safeguarding form online if you want to report abuse for yourself or someone else

If you need help with the form call the Access and Prevention team on 0300 555 0055


Useful Links

Click here to go to the Dudley Safeguarding website


Click here to go to Dudley Safeguarding web page “Report It”

Safeguarding Alert


Click here to go straight to Dudley’s referral form



Safe Places LogoDudley Safe Places

Safe places is for everyone with a disability and if you have dementia

If you see this sign in a window it means someone inside can help you, or call someone if you want them to


Safe Places Card


You have a card with your name, a family or carers name and contact number



TelephoneIf you want to find out about Safe Places in the Dudley area

Call: 01384 217057





or email



Useful Links


Click here to see Dudley Safe Places webpage and watch a short film


Useful LinksInternet Safety

People are using the internet more 

It is a good place to get information and can be used for many different things



People must stay safe when using the internet

Click here for some tips on staying safe on the internet


Total CommunicationEasy read Adult Protection Procedures


Adult Protection Procedures Easy Read



Useful LinksUseful Links

Stop Hate Crime