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My HouseSpecialist Housing Services

Deciding where you live is very important

Getting the right support is very important too

The Accommodation and Support Team can help

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ActivitiesLiving Well, Feeling Safe – Help for you at home

You can get lots of help to live independently in your home.

There are gadgets, equipment and services that can all help people feel safer and more comfortable at home.

A council service called ‘Living well, feeling safe’ will visit you at home and provides lots of help at home.

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FilmA Real Home A Real Life: A short film

A Real Home A Real Life is a short film telling the stories about eight people with learning disabilities or autism in Dudley

It shows you different types of housing and the support people can get to live their own lives

Click here to see “A Real Home a Real Life”

Click here to view other film about people in Dudley


Personal BudgetPersonal Budgets

A Personal Budget is money that you are given to meet your care and support needs

You can choose to have this money yourself and choose how you spend it

Or the council can have the money and arrange your support for you 

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Support Available

There are other organisations which provide support for leisure, learning and health

Health Services

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For information about independent providers that the Council contract, contact the Commissioning Team

TTelephoneel: 01384 812842




Useful LinksUseful Links




The Care Quality Commission is the organisation that inspects care homes and domiciliary care (care in the person’s own home)

Click here to find out more about local providers of care by visiting the Care Quality Commission website

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