Getting a job (Employment)



Getting a jobGetting a job (Employment)  

In Dudley you can get help to:
– Find out what sort of work you are interested in
– Find out about your skills, what you are good at
– Try out different types of job
– Learn how to do the job
– Learn how to apply for a job
– Learn how to deal with an interview


Some people are worried that if they get a paid job they will be worse off

They think they might lose money.  Often this is not true BUT it is important to check this out

You can get help to do this.  It is called a “better off calculation”

There are lots of organisations that can help you


It’s Working in Dudley: A short film about employment in Dudley

Inclusive films have produced a short film for Dudley Council “It’s Working in Dudley”

The film tells the story of 16 people with learning disabilities making a real success of paid work in Dudley

Click here to view the film “It’s Working in Dudley”

Click here to see other films about people who have a learning disability or mental health problems their employment or housing choices


Useful LinksUseful links


See the links below to see information or organisations that can help


HM Government “Valuing Employment Now”

Department Work and Pensions “Getting into jobs and getting on: Helping disabled people who want to work” Easy read – “Best practice in employment for people with a learning disability”