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Dudley Carers’ Network

Dudley Carers’ Network helps people who care for a relative or friend of any age who have a disability or long term illness

The Carers’ Network provides information and advice about the support that is available to you and the person you care for

The Carers’ Network can provide:

- Information and referral requests for Carers Assessments

- Access to a carer’s advice line and information about services and support

- Information sheets on a range of carer related topics

- Information on the carer’s peace of mind emergency scheme

- Information on the council’s Options+ leisure card which gives you a 50% discount on council run activities and events at Dudley Borough leisure centres, museums and halls

- Appication forms for the Cinema Exhibitor Card



Telephone: 01384 818723

There is a 24 hour answering machine where messages can be left








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Click here for services available to carers from Dudley Council


Carer Aware


Carer Aware – online training course and information toolkit

If you are a carer, work with carers or are interested in finding out more about the role of a carer you might want to do the Carer Aware online training course

You will find out :

- Who is a carer?

- What carers rights are

- What support is available in the Dudley Borough

- Where to find further information

- Test your knowledge and get a certificate!

There is another course you can do online if you are a Young Carer


Carer Aware Accreditation scheme

If you work for an organisation or a group that wishes to show the borough’s estimated 35,000 carers that you are aware of their role and needs you could sign up for Carer Aware accreditation

Once a certain percentage of staff has taken the Carer Aware course and gained their certificate, you will be sent a Carer Aware sticker and logo and be added to the Carer Aware list

For more information contact the Carers Network (see below) 

Click here to do the Carer Aware course or see a list of the Carer Aware Accreditation list

Click here to do the Young Carer Aware online course


Spurgeons Young CarersSpurgeons Dudley Young Carers

Spurgeons Dudley Young Carers offers support to young carers aged 8 – 18

The service provides support to young carers

Young carers can contact the service themselves or they can be referred by their parents or someone who knows them like a teacher, social worker or health professional




Telephone: 01902 877550







Dudley Carers Forum

This is a group open to any carer in Dudley

The group is run by other carers

They meet on the first Wednesday of each month at 11.00am – 2.00pm at Queens Cross Network, Wellington Road, Dudley, DY1 1RB

The Carers Forum offers mutual support and information for carers

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For more information contact:

Telephone:  01384 572 404








A support group for black and minority ethnic carers in Dudley which meets regularly and also acts as a drop in centre



Telephone: 01384 422522







More Support Groups

Click here for a list of more groups and support for carers



Useful LinksUseful Links





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