Promoting Access to Main Stream Health Services



Services the PAMHS Department offer:

Being HealthyHealth Promotion

The PAMHS department help people who have a learning disability improve their health and stay well



Healthy Eating


They teach lots of things like:

Nutrition and diet


Mental Health


Mental health



Health Screening


Health checks and screening such as breast awareness and bowel screening








Upset and comfort


Behavior intervention



Brushing Teeth


Life skills including social and personal care



Health Meeting


Training can be done with just one person with a learning disability and a nurse or in a group





The PAMHS Department support people to access NHS services like doctors surgeries, the hospital, the dentist and the opticians



Health TrainingHealth and Learning Disability Training

The PAMHS Department provides training for medical staff on issues like:




Consent to treatment in relation to the Mental Capacity Act



People First


Learning Disability Awareness

and Health Awareness



GP Family Doctors


They provide advice and support to GP practices to deliver annual health checks (DES)






They create and provide accessible health information for people with learning disabilities, their carers and other health staff

They also give information to health care providers who want to improve their care for people with learning disabilities