Physiotherapy helps people reach their full physical health by using physical means like:



Hydro pool


Hydrotherapy pool (water therapy) for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD)



Physio Room


Individual or group exercises



Shoes OrthoticsUsing Orthotics (Orthotics are things people wear to help support or protect parts of the body like splints, helmets and special shoes)

The Physiotherapy service offer 6 Orthotic clinics a year at Ridge Hill for patients who find it easier to go to the centre rather than the hospital for reasons such as challenging behavior and waiting times


Physio Posture



Help with posture and mobility problems




Gym Trainer



The team work directly with clients and with carers to teach them correct handling and positioning of clients

They also show how to help clients with exercise regimes and correct use of walking aids




Walking Frame



The physiotherapy team can also arrange for people to use equipment




Fall management


Help with falls management and prevention



Breathing problems


Help with breathing problems