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On Saturday, 23rd March 2018 we went to Wolverhampton University.



interviewInterview) Samantha and Neil sat on the interview panel alongside Anita (one of the lecturers) and interviewed some people that had applied to be student nurses for people with learning disabilities. This is to get onto the course in September. We asked the people some questions about why they want to be a learning disability nurse. The applicant’s told us a few things about themselves, and how they would do things.

nurseI really enjoyed interviewing because it was my first time. We went     down to the canteen and had lunch with Lynne (another lecturer) and we met up with Francis the student nurse that was working at the university that day. Then me and Neil went back up to the room and we interviewed some more applicants. Then we got told there was no more appluites so then we closed the interview panel.


I think people with a learning disability should be allowed to interview because they are the ones that are experts by experience.

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