hospital audit


hospital audit

On the 22nd of march DVC with Andrew and Neil and Frances a student nurse   went to Russell hall hospital to do an audit on the signs in the hospital with Jackie Howells. We looked at toilet signs, lifts signs, handrails, the floor, posters, ward signs and other signs to tell us where to go.




There were not many signs to tell us where the lifts were. Some of the disabled toilets did not have the word toilet on the sign, and some toilets were not big enough to fit a wheelchair in. the handrails  were the same colour as the wall and did not stand out. On the one floor there were some chairs in front of the hand rails, so we could not use the hand rail. The signs to tell us where to go were different colours on different floors, which we did not understand this. Some posters were not clear about the visiting times. Some of the pictures                                                  were not clear on the posters. There was no easy read in the                                                                hospital. I had a really good day with everyone. We will do another                                                      visit soon.

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